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It is important that you check your student email account each week. If you do not, your email account will exceed its quota causing an error with your account which will not allow you to access your inbox. Please check your email each week and delete any unwanted emails and empty your trash bin.

Username: Your username will be your first initial + last name + first 4 digits of your birthday. example: If your name is Bo Weevil with a birthday of 03/29/1995, your username will be bweevil0329.

Password: By default your password is your 6 digit birthday. Using the example above, your password would be 032995. If you have changed your PIN on your student information page, your email password will be whatever you changed your PIN to. If you have changed your PIN, it will take 24 hours for that change to reflect for your email password.

Call: 334-347-2623 ext. 2231
Email: helpdesk@escc.edu